Production facilities - WORKSHOPS

Enclosed workshops

14 000 sq.m. total area: connected to all energy supplies and equipped with 14 bridge cranes of 2.5-40 t lifting capacity.


List of divisions:
  • Ship mechanics and machining division with its technical facilities and sufficient premises area provide basis for the repairs of any part of main and auxiliary vessel engines, pumps and other gears and mechanisms. With regard to machining, it includes stern-tube bearing and rudder machining on spot and shafts machining utilising a digitally controlled "Skoda" lathe with a 12 m points span and 45 tons shaft weight.
  • Electro-mechanical division besides all types of electrical installations, deals with the repairs of main distribution board and any type and size of electromotors including rewinding, varnishing and drying, testing generators load and megger- testing.
  • Locksmith-piping division undertakes any type of locksmith and piping work including any pipe diameter and material along with boiler pipes replacement.
  • Steel construction division repairs steel constructions of vessel's hull in an efficient and effective way, complying with the procedures approved by ISO Standard and Classification Societies for joints welding and testing.
  • Anticorrosive protection division effectively prepares the areas (sandblasting and slurryblasting up to SA2,5) supervising the application of contemporary paints supplied to theYard by "Hempel's Marine Paint International" via the consignment paint stocks.
  • Nautical-Transport division provides reliable transportation tasks ranging from cranes management, to cars operation.
  • Warehouse-Purchasing-Logistics division: Warehouse section enables safe storage of goods in enclosed and open warehouse areas. Purchasing-Logistics section provides fast and most convenient way of getting necessary materials, spare parts and equipment fast and efficient.

Services and Repair capabilities

Cleaning and painting, piping and fittings, steel works, engine and equipment works, deck equipment, carpentry, electrical works.

Workshops are concentrated in the close vicinity of the docks area and they can be easily reached on foot and by internal roads used as wll by the cranes.