Strategy of the Company


The vision of our company is to become leader in repair and reconstruction of ships in the Mediterranean, through total quality, customer satisfaction, employees, shareholders and population of this region.


The mission of our company is providing ship repair services, in order to satisfy needs of shipping companies for high-quality, fast and professional repair and reconstruction of ships.

Using modern methods of doing business and organizing a safe and high quality repairs we provide profit, growth, and growth in standard of employees and make positive influence on improvement of ship repair, maritime business and overall prosperity.

Business Policy

Business policy is a strategy for achieving business goals and consists of:

  1. Quality Policy,
  2. Risk Management Policy,
  3. Safety Policy on Protection.

Business Goals

Shipyard's business goals set for the implementation of defined vision and mission:

  1. Stability of business operations,
  2. Customer satisfaction,
  3. Customization on changes,
  4. Stability of cash flows.

The strategy for achieving these goals:

  1. Privatization,
  2. Revitalization of technical facilities,
  3. Modernization,
  4. Optimization of number of employees,
  5. Productivity,
  6. Cost effectiveness,
  7. Rising of business reputation - solvency of the company.