Maritime Tradition

Long maritime tradition in Boka Kotorska bay !

Talking about the Shipyard we should mention the maritime tradition of whole our region. In the heart of Boka Bay is situated Adriatic Shipyard Bijela and it is worldwide well-known for its famous maritime tradition and its seamen. The town of Kotor, distant only 30 km from the Shipyard, dates back to medieval times when it had a strong merchant marine and maritime aresenal. Sailoring has been developed in the Bay of Kotor in the 17th century and especially during the 18th cebtury, century and seamen from the Bay of Kotor became a world renowned marine experts. Even in the naval school of Russian Tsar Peter the Great, studied also sailors from Perast and today's Maritime School in Kotor continues maritime tradition of the school from Perast. In addition to Perast, maritime schools were in Kotor, Herceg-Novi, Dobrota and Prcanj.

About 1800, Boka Kotorska had about 600 sailing boats of which 300 were sea going vessels. These vessels were able to transport 2000 - 7000 stars (1 star - 65 kg) and 20 guns in defense of pirates. They were regularly sailing across the Adriatic, Ionian, Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea and even the North Sea. At that time in the Bay of Kotor were about 300 captains and 3000 sailors. The merchant navy was bringing to Boka Kotorska annual profit of 200.000 Venetian golden ducats.

Navy of Kotor, which was founded 12 centuries ago, later became known as Boka Kotorska Navy. It has evolved over the centuries and was gathering all seamen of Boka Kotorska; over the years of peace it has contributed to the economic development of the Bay of Kotor and the merchant marine during the war defended the Bay of Kotor. It was an important factor in the cultural and economic development of the Bay of Kotor

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