Locations in our surroundings that should be seen

The visit to Adriatic Shipyard Bijela you have necessarily to complete by tour of the unique locations that are in our immediate environment. Whether you are interested in natural beauty, history, culture, art or just for the holidays - Boka Kotorska Bay, Montenegro and southern Adriatic coast will surely delight you with their offer!

Natural beauties

Boka Kotorska Bay , the bride of Adriatic Sea, the southernmost fjord in Europe. The unique combination of the sea and mountains will leave you breathless and the visit to the north of Montenegro will assure you that nowhere in the world there is so much beauty concentrated in so little space. However, let a few days off in the reserve - we're sure you'll quickly find that there is still so much that simply you must not miss.


Boka Kotorska Bay was celebrated by brave seamen, skilled craftsmen, builders, many prominent intellectual people. It has a glorious history - from the Greek colonies, over the Illyrians, Roman, Byzantine, medieval Serbian state, up to Turks, Venetians, Russians, Napoleon and Austria. They all had ambitions to manage it, but instead they have left here their buildings, monuments, churches, architectural and artistic masterpieces.

Tradition and Culture

Seafaring was the basis of life and have given the seal to the great cultural heritage of Boka Kotorska Bay. In the seventeenth and eighteenth century Boka had over 300 seagoing vessels and 300 smaller ones, that were earning annually 200 000 Venetian gold coins. Perast in the sixteenth century had a reputable maritime school, in which sailors were trained and also for the Russian Tsar Peter the Great . Numerous museums and folk customs are keeping memories of old times and the influences of different nations and cultures that have swept this area.


„The youngest country in the world "in recent years become one of the most popular tourist destinations. The sudden rise of popularity of tourism has led to a change towards a sustainable and ecological development of the state. Many investors from around the world have opted for investment in facilities for tourism in Montenegro, so that the offer is more directed to the elite tourism, although no other guests are not disadvantaged categories.

The most important locations in the region

Given that the list of locations that can be recommended for the tour could be too long, on the Web site of Adriatic Shipyard Bijela we have set the choice of texts and images on the most important locations on the following pages:

Many other Internet presentations contain huge amount of information about locations in our environment and thus, addresses of the some of them can be found on the page "Useful Links".