Download of Ad vacancies and tenders

Page "Ads and Tenders" is scheduled for publication of public Ads and tenders of Adriatic Shipyard JSC Bijela (all Ads and Tenders are written only on montenegrin language).

Current Ads for procurement of materials are on the page "Procurement of materials", while Ads for procurement of fixed assets are on the page "Procurement of fixed assets".

Needs of the Shipyard for subcontracting services are published on the page "Subcontractors", while needs for servicing and other services are on the page"Servise providers".

Ads for employment in Adriatic Shipyard are on the page "Application for vacancies", while internal Ads are on the page"Other info for employees". Ads for retraining and vocational training can be found on the page "Vocational training"

Ads and tenders Archive is on the page "Archive".