Quality Commitment: SECURITY- ISPS CODE

Adriatic Shipyard Bijela assessed and passed the Port Security plan in accordance with the provisions of SOLAS Convention, International Code on the safety of ships and port facilities - ISPS Code and the Regulation on the safety protection of merchant ships and ports opened for international traffic in the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro.

The relevant Committee of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and the Government of Montenegro have carried out qualification testing in accordance with the previously approved Port Security Plan and accordingly thay haveissued a statement on Port facilities which confirmed that the competency evaluation was conducted in accordance with the provisions of Chapter XI-2 of SOLAS Convention and a part of A ISPS Code and it was confirmed that the Port of Adriatic Shipyard Bijela operates in accordance with the approved Security Plan.

Security Policy

Following the adopted business policies, the management of Adriatic Shipyarad Bijela (ASY) by establishing the necessary security measures, their ongoing maintenance and improvement, has set the environment for safe stay of all ships in the port of ASY along with undisturbed process of repair and reconstruction of vessels i.e loading unloading of cargo, supplies and fuel.

Setting themselves as a goal of taking preventive measures to act against illegal activities that threaten ASY, its property and employees as well as ships staying in the Shipyard and their property and the crew, ASY has made its port security system, as part of an integrated security system efficient through:

  • development and implementation of port ASY security, by which security measures are operationalized;
  • comprehensive training of all employees who have responsibilities in the port security system;
  • active raising of awareness among other employees on need for establishing and maintaining of necessary security measures;
  • verification of skills and training of employees through implementation of regular exercises;
  • regular maintenance of necessary records and performing of internal verification of the system to ensure its sustainability and improvement.

Security objectives

To accomplish the port security policies, ASY sets mutually consistent, achievable and measurable objectives for port security which include:

  • setting up of effective and efficient ASY port security system related to key activities, infrastructure and certain spatial parts (zones) of ASY, to ensure the safety of ships while staying in it along with the environment in which thereis situated;
  • implementation of protection measures to reduce the risk to the security of employees, crews and all those who live and work in ASY;
  • maintaining and increasing of awareness among all employees about the necessity for security measures ;
  • maintaining and increasing the level of training of all employees for the implementation of security measures;
  • sustainability of set measures carried out in emergency situations, which include the threat to security .

By achieving these goals and by achieving Port security policies, ASY will be able to comprehensively meet the requirements of its clients, owners, employees and the community where they are located.

Bijela, June 2004

President of Board of Directors
Stanko Zlokovi─ç