The shipyard has two floating docks: Dock No.12 with lifting capacity of 33,000 tons, equipped with two cranes of 12 tons, and Dock No.6 with lifting capacity of 10,000 tons, equipped with two cranes of 7.5 tones. Installed capacity allows drydokings of 120,000 DWT ships. The total operational length of modernly equipped wharf is 1,200 m. Depth of water around the wharf ranges from 15m to 25m.

The composition of the yard with its facilities is compact and can be passed around in 20 minutes. There are good access by road to the Shipyard and internal roads are in very good condition, spacious enough to allow easy movement of large vehicles.

Workshops are highly concentrated near the floating docks area and wharf, so it is easy to communicate by foot and by internal roads that are also used by cranes.

Like the workshops, the warehouse is also positioned quite close to the wharf and the floating docks. Apart from it warehouses and steel storage are based near to the sites where the steel is processed. Access by vehicles to the warehouse is very good.

Details about our main production facilities