Health and safety policy

Top management of Adriatic Shipyard Bijela believes that health and safety at work are of high importance and interest to the business and therefore they are integrated into overall business system of the Shipyard.

Being aware of risks to human health and safety at work that exist in repair of vessels and during performance of other business activities in the shipyard, we will conduct continuous risk identification and risk assessment in order to minimize the same by application of programs and measures for prevention and risk management in all processes.

Employees, subcontractors, clients and visitors in Adriatic Shipyard Bijela have the right to health protection and safe working conditions as well as the commitment to contribute to achieve these conditions, by responsible behavior and application of prescribed protection measures and safety at work.

We affirm our commitment to establish programs aimed to reducing of risks for all stakeholders through following activities:

  • Compliance with applicable regulations and standards in the field of health and safety and industrial safety and other internal and external requirements.
  • Coordination and integration of risk management in the field of health protection and safety at work and at all levels and in all work processes.
  • Elimination or minimization of risk level for employees, subcontractors, customers and visitors through:
    • monitoring and surveillance of activities that cause increased risk to health and safety at work, or injuries at work, occupational diseases and losses of working time, equipment and resources;
    • education and training of employees for safe work at all levels;
    • timely reporting to management on risk management issues and improvement of health and safety at work management in order to minimize number of injuries at work, occupational diseases and losses of working time due to injuries at work

Bijela, October 2009

President of Board of Directors
Stanko Zlokovi─ç