Adriatic Shipyard Bijela on NEVA'11

25th September 2011.

Maritime Fair NEVA'11 was held in the showroom Lenexpo in St. Petersburg, from 20th to 23rd September. This "imperial" town is also known as "maritime capital of Russia" which speaks enough about how important St. Petersburg has for the maritime economy of Russia and beyond. NEVA has gathered in one place a number of key people in the maritime industry from around the world and combining exhibition and conference segments and by the program has directed attention and addressed the key issues and current events from a wide variety of global maritime industry.

NEVA'11 evidenced a record high number of exhibitors and visitors. Over 800 exhibitors presented their products and services, while approximately 25.000 people had the opportunity to visit the fair. There were recorded a total of 40 participating countries, out of which 19 has even had their own national pavilions and industry groups. During the same were held conferences and business tables that had about 450 participants creating a functional platform to solve many technical, technological, commercial and operational issues relevant to the functioning of the global maritime industry.

Booth No.706 was assigned to Adriatic Shipyard Bijela, which was completely self-involved in the exhibition, as the only company from Montenegro. Owing to, among other things, a very good position of the stand that was located near the center of the Pavilion No. 7, participation of our company was very remarkable. This was confirmed by a large number of visitors, from suppliers to the end users i.e. potential customers, who have noticed our presentation and were interested in our offer. During constructive talks with representatives of Russian shipping companies and other firms, our representatives have made the foundation for potential future cooperation, since it was obviously that there is existing interest by Russian partners.

To the mutual satisfaction, we had the opportunity to host on our booth some of our existing customers from Russia and also ones that used to come in Adriatic Shipyard during the Soviet era. It was very pleasant to hear that all of our former clients and associates still keep Bijela in beautiful memories and they have a high opinion on our Shipyard with regard to quality of works and commitment to work. Since these times until nowadays, the number of "Russian" vessels unfortunately has not been maintained at a satisfactory level.

Demand from the Russian market has fluctuated and had erratic character due to certain geo-political and market factors. In efforts to remedy this situation, Adriatic Shipyard puts a lot of endeavors to recover its participation in Russian market and NEVA’11 proved to be a very good platform to renew old contacts and most importantly, the establishment of new ones. After NEVA, the Shipyard expects further actions to expand and strengthen its position in the maritime market in Russia.