Quality assurance: QUALITY - QMS

Quality policy statement

Following the adopted vision to become leader in shiprepaira in the Mediterranean, management of Adriatic shipyard will, by continuous improvement and the necessary changes in accordance with the requirements of market trends, achieve a complete service in repairs and reconstruction of in order to satisfy customer expectations.

Setting the requirements of clients as their own goals, Adriatic shipyard will make its business processes effective and efficient andwill provide:

  • maintenance of high technological quality under international standards;
  • competitive prices, meeting deadlines and other specific provisions of the contract;
  • establishment of stable long-term partnership with clients;
  • establishment of long-term stable partnership relations with suppliers of goods and services;
  • increase the motivation and expertise of employees to perform a wide range of works and services;
  • variety of services to clients in repair activities as well as in the sphere of communication;
  • increase the level of safety and security of property, personnel and environmental requirements according to international standards and conventions.


To achieve Quality Policy, Shipyard sets inter - consistent, reachable and measurable quality objectives in terms of:

  • Client’s satisfaction, fulfillment of all contractual obligations: the deadline, quality, price, safety;
  • Process quality: a stable business system with the usual number of inconsistencies, manageable and adaptable;
  • QMS Efficiency: defined, processes related, defined responsibilities and competences of different levels of management, systematized reports on movement of performances based on which the preventive and corrective measures, i.e risk managemnt, are timely undertaken, to efficiently achieve planned objectives.

Shipyard will be achieving the goals of quality and quality policies and will be able to continuously realize additional value to its customers, owners, employees and the environment in which it is located.

Bijela, October 2002

President of Board of Directors
Stanko Zloković