Environmental Policy Statement

Adriatic Shipyard Bijela is committed to environmental protection. This policy applies to all departments and divisions of the Shipyard.

  • We recognize the importance of environment of Kotor Bay and Montenegro coastal area in general as a great natural resource of our country. In this regards, we consider the management of waste, especially oil waste and blasting / painting operations of the Shipyard as our significant environmental aspects
  • We place high priority to prevent a pollution, i.e. endangering of environment, rather than to remedy consequences when such accidents happen
  • We operate in full compliance with applicable governmental laws and regulations as well as international regulations and standards
  • We commit ourselves for continuous improvement of our environmental protection activities
  • We set targets of our environmental activities and monitor, review and update our objectives

This policy is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all employees of the Shipyard.

Bijela, April 2005

President of Board of Directors
Stanko Zlokovic