Our location - BIJELA

On the north-west of Boka Bay, at 12th kilometer from Herceg-Novi, illuminated by the blue sea, surrounded by green hills, it is situated Bijela-settlement with more than 4000 inhabitants and under the name the settlement of St.Peter's was mentioned in the fourteenth century. Bijela is positioned to the east of Herceg Novi riviera, which has a very high average annual temperature, 16.2 °C and over 200 sunny days per year and during summer in July and August it has an average of 11 sunny hours. Owing to its geographical position, Herceg Novi and its riviera have rich potential for tourism, caused by a favorable climate and geographical position.

Fans of cultural and historic monuments coming to visit Bijela can tour Bijela, one of the major sights such as the Church of Mother of God Cassock from the fourteenth century, with walls painted with frescoes of the Byzantine style. In case you are also of those who wish to relax with the pace of modern life, then cafés, restaurants, disco clubs for sure will complete the atmosphere.

Sacral monuments

  • Church of Mother of God Cassock (The formation of the church, originally built in this place, is related to the XII century, the early Romanesque period, although not excluded that it is older. Parts of the walls of the old church foundations are presented in a very convenient way in the present one and can be seen through the glazed pane, set in the floor level of the existing church. The old apse inside is decorated with frescoes of the Byzantine style, created in late XII century or early XII century and this is the biggest attraction of the Church of Mother of God Cassock).
  • Church of St.Lady from the eighteenth century.
  • Catholic church of St.Peter (on the facade wall of the church are mounted spolia from older object. Fragments with tex, and decorative sculpture illuminate the time of short-term dominance of the Frankish state in this region, around the 805 when it came to raising of he first Benedictine monastery, which was destroyed by Mongols the 1242. According to present findings, Church of St. Peter was raised in the place where once stood the Benedictine monastery)
  • Church of St.Cosma and Damian - built in the 1904.
  • Church of St.Peter - on the hill Klin.

Several photos of Bijela


In the vicinity of Bijela there are cities Herceg Novi (12km), Kotor (30km) i Tivat (7km). All these cities offer plenty of interesting cultural and historical contents, leisure, nature walks, hiking and nightlife. In Tivat, particularly noteworthy is modern marina PortoMontenegro which is the latest hit in the nautical world. PortoMontenegro is a new destination for all fans of yachting.

From Bijela to all points of cultural tourism in Montenegro it could be arrived very easily, either by own car, either in the arrangement of some of the many travel agencies or by public bus transportation network which is well developed with reliable and frequent departures.

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