References: AWARDS

"ADRIATIC SHIPYARD BIJELA" JSC Bijela has been awarded three significant awards for the running a business.

- Chart of Yugoslav Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the accomplished results in running a business, transactions during 1998, was awarded on 17th February 1999 in Federal Assembly in Beograd.

- By the Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce, to the President of Board of Directors of Adriatic Shipyard Bijela, Mr. Stanko Zlokovic was awarded a plaque with recognition for special contribution in development of economy for 2008.

- 24th International Award for the Best Trade Name in 1999, awarded on 17th May 1999 in hotel "Inter-Continental Wien", Austria, by the members of Trade Leaders Club from Madrid, club of the leading business people in the world.

- "Media Partner" award for 1999 for the promoting of enterprises and their managers who are governed in their business by the high and stable professional standards and steady ethics, as a results of Yugoslav campaign "Business partner" of "Mass Media" - award was handed over on 22th October 1999 in hotel "Beograd Inter-Continental" in Beograd.

- Shipyard "Veljko Vlahovic", Bijela award of National Antifascist Liberation Council of Yugoslavia, as a special public award for the crestive effort and work of general significance for the development of SFR Yugoslavia in the area of shiprepair.

- "GOLDEN SUN AWARD" (as chart and statue) awarded on 4th April 1989 on Day of Protection at Work to winner, firm "Veljko Vlahovic" Shipyard, Bijela.

- Chart of Boka Kotorska Fleeet to "Veljko Vlahovic" Yard, Bijela for the merits in improvement of Maritime Industry.

- Organizational Board of Swimming Marathon Herceg-Novi awards Letters of Gratitude to "Adriatic Shipyard Bijela", for the special contribution to organization of this sport-tourist manifestation.

- Ensamble "Stari Kapetan", awards: Letters of gratitude to "Adriatic Shipyard Bijela" for the contribution to the work of ensamble Vocal amteur group "Stari kapeetan" Herceg-Novi.

- For contesting in 1988 within campaign "In the service of protection - in the service of man", award for the quality of entire working process, as it symbolizes struggle for the more humane work and successfull running a business.
To the firm which successfully runs its business, has the best organized and the most efficient protection of the working and living environment, invests into new and up-to-date facilities, safer and more productive techlology and better standard of living of its employees.